Sunday, February 26, 2012

A walk for Narcolepsy and sleep awareness

Good morning, dear readers!  Wow, I can’t believe that February is already almost over… it’s going to be Spring soon?  So that’s why I’ve been seeing so many stores selling daffodils and Spring looking flowers! Laughing out loud lol.
Anyways, I’m a happy camper.  We haven’t had much of a Winter here in Berlin, but I’m more than happy to move onto spring ASAP.
Which brings me to the subject of this post: Sleep Walk 2012.  One of the things I like to do in the Spring is to take walks and admire the many parks here in Berlin.  For those of you who also like walks or are interested in Narcolepsy awareness efforts or both, there is a walk coming up in Washington, DC that you should know about: Sleep Walk 2012.
Sleep Walk 2012 is a walk for Narcolepsy awareness (and general sleep awareness), sponsored by Wake Up Narcolepsy.  It will take place in Washington, DC on March 10, 2012 as part of National Sleep Awareness Week (March 10 is “Suddenly Sleepy Saturday,” a special day dedicated to Narcolepsy). 
The event is free, although you need to register on the Sleep Walk website to participate.  There will also be an awards ceremony for people who have made important contributions to Narcolepsy awareness in the past year.
I heard that at least 65 people have already signed up for the walk, so no worries about being the only one there!
Unfortunately, I will not be able to go, as I live in another country, but if you live in the Washington, DC area, this walk might be something fun to do for a morning, while also raising awareness of Narcolepsy.  I would think that it would also be a good way to meet some people with Narcolepsy and their friends and family.
Even if you can’t go,  you might learn more about what’s going on for National Sleep Awareness Week and Suddenly Sleepy Saturday at the Narcolepsy Network website on the topic.
Enjoy your weekend!


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  2. SLEEP WALK details and registration:

    Over 80 people from 13 states joining us. Hope to see y'all there!

    All my best from DC,
    Julie (aka REM Runner)

  3. Wow! I love the name of the event - SLEEP WALK! You are doing a tremendous job of raising narcolepsy awareness. Keep up the great work!

  4. Hi I thought before that I am Narcoleptic. But when I went to see a doctor he suggested me to do a sleep study. After the study the doctor concluded I had low oxygen level during sleeping. Then he prescribed me to do a month using the CPAP machine. I am not sure if I have got sleep apnea or Narcolepsy. What is the best way of my treatment to find this out? Just yesterday I used the CPAP machine and felt really sleepy today at work and at home as well. Do I conclude that CPAP is worthless? Please help to figure out this issue for me. If anyone of you out there have similar experience feel free to share. Thanks!

  5. I would talk to your doctor about this; seems like the sort of question they would be able to answer. just give your doc a call